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By Lesley Goulding

Friday, October 6, 2017

Dry & Fly

I can not blow dry my own hair let alone style it. I've said this multiple times since getting my hair cut short last summer, I just struggle with the whole sectioning off pieces to style and never have I ever managed to blow dry my hair without it becoming a frizzy-wild hairdo that can only be compared to that of lego man bob. 

With that being said over the last year I have spent a silly amount of money on getting professional blow drys. I have no problem spending my money on doing this, especially when I know that a salon wash and blow-dry will last me at least five days before having to wash it - perks of thick hair with a little shoutout to dry shampoo. While I don't mind spending the money, it is expensive to do so every week. So with the opening of Dry & Fly on Wicklow Street it's been in my diary for a good while now to test it out. ( I haven't been out much since the opening and haven't done much with my hair other than a mouldy messy bun every other day) At last I had a reason to get my hair done and promptly made an appointment. 

On arrival I was greeted by Christine, who by the way, I would highly recommend between her mad skills with short thick hair and the topics we talked about over the 30 odd minutes. It wasn't just the service I was impressed by, nor the price point for an excellent wash and blow dry in the city centre - a very impressive and pocket friendly €30 euro for the Velvet Style on my on short hair. What really stood out was the overall aesthetic of Dry & Fly. The interiors are gorgeous and the colour scheme makes it feel just the right amount of 'cozy' for the bar aspect of this beauty salon - ensuring you're chilled Glendalough G'n'T goes down a treat while you get pampered. 

Might have been my first time visiting, but I am sure it won't be my last when prices start at a mere €18 you can't really go wrong for a professional, friendly and alcohol serving beauty salon in the middle of the city. 


Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Ria Organics - A Hero Product

  Ría Organics
 is a boutique skincare range that meets the highest internationally recognised organic certification

Skin Type:  
Suitable for all, but I would highly recommend for dry, sensitive skin. as the range is completely free from toxic, irritating and harsh chemicals. 

How to use : 
Apply to clean dry skin: I like to bring any excess down onto my neck as this area also gets dry throughout the day. Apply preferably in the morning, I apply twice a day as I have severely dry skin. 

Aqua, Rosa Canina (Rosehip) Fruit Oil*, Rosa Damascena (Rose) Flower Water*, Sodium Stearoyl Lactylate, Glyceryl Stearate, Vitis Vinifera (Grape) Seed Oil*, Glycerin, Cetyl Alcohol, Macadamia Integrifolia (Macadamia) Seed Oil*, Tocopherol, Helianthus Annuus (Sunflower) Seed Oil, Mentha Piperita (Peppermint) Oil*, Lavandula Angustifolia (Lavender) Herb Oil*, Citrus Nobilis (Red Mandarin) Peel Oil Expressed*, Phytic Acid, Persea Gratissima (Avocado) Oil, Benzyl Alcohol, Salicylic Acid, Sorbic Acid, Cymbopogon Citratus (Lemongrass) Leaf Oil*, Punica Granatum Fruit (Pomegranate) Extract*, Sodium Hyaluronate,  Ascorbyl Palmitate, Potassium Sorbate, Citric Acid, Citral**, Geraniol**, Linalool**, Citronellol**, Limonene**, Coumarin**
*organic **naturally occurs in essential oils

Does it smell good?
Yes! The scent is quite calming, and very soothing when you're actually massaging it into your skin. It’s not a perfumed smell but rather a natural fragrance that only occurs when a brand uses such natural organic ingredients. 

Cost : €40.00 

How long did I test it for?
I’ve been applying this twice a day, everyday for the last 3 months. 

What did I like? 
To be honest,  pretty much everything about it. I discovered this Brand at Bloom ( Where they were launching the range )  and on the day in question,  around my mouth was quite angry and causing me a bit of trouble, I was very interested as the product was Organic and Iris and after I spoke to Richard on the stand he very kindly gifted me a jar of the day cream. I tested it out straight away applying a pea sized amount of cream to my mouth and chin area. My skin absorbed it so quickly and within ten minutes the inflammation had minimised incredibly. The soothing, hydrating agents in this day cream makes it a Hero product for me. I have been religiously using the day cream alongside the night cream for  the last few months and I don't think I’ll be changing my daily moisturiser routine for a long time. 

Between the natural organic ingredients known to have healing and anti inflammation properties, alongside being a family run business - Nicola a qualified Nurse with specialised knowledge of skin healing and renewal along with her brothers, Richard a chemist and Andrew a horticulturalist. I have so many good things to say about RIA. Organics. The natural combination of avocado cream and rosehip creates the soothing feeling I mentioned, amongst the addition of vitamin E and C which aids against damaging ‘free radicals’

The secret nugget to this cream is the high concentration of hyaluronic acid - you’ve heard me mention this before in previous reviews - an ingredient that will surely bring a smile to your face as it naturally boosts your skins collagen!  This makes the cream not only perfect for young dehydrated skin like mine but also for women who are concerned about fine lines and want to start protecting their skin from ageing. 

What I disliked? 
I honestly cannot fault this cream. The fact it does multiple things depending on your skin type and needs makes it a fantastic product to review and I can back it 100%.

Would I buy it again?
Even though I was very graciously gifted this cream, which I am extremely grateful for, I would certainly make the investment to purchase this product as I believe it’s worth it and coupled with the fact that  I would be supporting Irish business it, makes it even easier to spend the money on these products, I believe that the they are very competitively priced considering the quality of the ingredients.

Where can I buy this magical pot of wonders?
At present Ria Organics are only selling online - find their site here. They are currently, actively seeking stockists as they are still a relatively new skincare brand, but for the time being head to their website to purchase the good


Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Science & Dermatitis : News

In June of this year, a journal was published entailing the identification of a gene called CARD11. This gene, with its mundane name, is like a holy beacon of light coming towards me, while a choir of my favourite R&B singers sing the following lyrics off their hymn sheets…

“ I told you so “

This newly identified gene, found by scientists from the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases ( NIAID for short), shows it has direct, without a scientific doubt, correlation to the body having atopic dermatitis/ eczema. The findings were published in Nature Genetics. 

How did this come about? The team, performed gene sequencing for 8 individuals from 4 families, and that although each family had a distinct mutation affecting a different region of the CARD11 protein, each mutation disrupted its normal function in T cells – an essential type of white blood cell. 

In layman terms? When the gene was sequenced into each individual, each persons unique DNA dealt with it somewhat differently. Say for instance, my CARD11 gene has created atopic dermatitis that affects my face, while say, your CARD11 gene has created atopic dermatitis that solely affects your ankles… still with me? Basically think of it as a family tree, you all share the same name, but each of you have an individual first name, making you all that bit different, however you all share a common name. And that folks is my interpretation of the findings thus far. Now back to the gene sequencing…

The potential of this study was that glutamine, a protein , may correct the defective signally mechanism of the mutated CARD11. Glutamine is available as a supplement, and the researches intend to study the effects of glutamine consumption on individuals with CARD11 mutations/ severe eczema.

What is enlightening for me, since I first read about the glutamine supplement in June, and later renting the journal to read about the gene sequencing is that, for a long time I have spoken to other dermatitis sufferers online and I regularly mention that what I have is an autoimmune disorder. On occasion I have been told no you're wrong, you've TSW which is a whole different ball game, or others have questioned my thinking behind referring to dermatitis as an auto immune disorder. 

Sometimes saying it aloud feels dirty, that I am not allowed to call my skin issues an immune disorder, not when they're are people other there with cystic fibrosis and lupus, real immune diseases. My family and I have essentially been dealing with my dermatitis since I was two weeks old. I was two weeks old when I had my first flare, and if that isn't an indication there is something wrong with the immune system I don't know what is. 

The fact that this journal has found scientific proof that this CARD11 gene that is part of my DNA, is the issue is actually relieving. Especially when I have been saying it for the last year that all my skin stuff has boiled down to my immune system more than anything. Know, knowing this, I no longer cringe at the thought of openly calling my dermatitis an auto immune disorder, because that's what it is. Dermatology has always been seen as a ‘soft’ medical practise for some bizarre reason, I blame Greys Anatomy for that one episode where Grey and Yang visit dermatology, sit themselves on plush couches, are handed raspberry water and everyones scrubs are pale pink. Dermatology is not soft. My dermatitis is no less an issue than other immune disorders. This study will hopefully lead to more research into our bodies biggest organ, how it works, and why sometimes, it doesn’t. All I know is that right now, I’m no longer holding back when someone comes for me with a magical cream that fixes everything. I’m looking at you Rodan and Fields reps on Instagram, but in all seriousness this study is a huge deal, and I’m over the moon there is money being invested in such studies. 





Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Statement Earrings

Just a few of my statement earrings I'm wearing at the minute from my never ending collection - I buy a piece of jewellery whenever I travel. A lot of my earrings come from markets, designed and crafted by independent designers, for instance these gorgeous handcrafted earrings which are castings of ivy leaves. From time to time I do look to Mango for full on statement earrings which pull inspiration straight from the catwalk in an amazing way. These gold plated ones, for instance hit the nail on the head as a more affordable version of earrings released by The Line earlier this year. More recently these simplistic circle and line earrings from Seoidin Jewellery were gifted to me by my friend for my birthday - she knows what I like! Initially I wasn't sure how they'd actually go through my ear, but the chain seamlessly falls through your piercing as it turns out, without any odd sensation. I can see these becoming more of a staple everyday statement earring which aren't confined to evening wear.

Gold plated abstract *The Line Inspired* Earrings - Mango
Sterling Silver Casting of Bulgarian Ivy Leaves *Handmade* - Designer at a market 
Minimal Circle and Drop Line Earrings - Seoidin Jewellery 


Monday, August 7, 2017

24 Things by 24 Years ( But Mainly in the last 3 )

When I tell people my age I often get the classic "oh you're still a baby" remark that I role my eyes at whilst still remaining polite and a sport sheepish smile. But a lot can happen in 24 years. We all have different stories to tell, and we all have very different life paths with there own unique experiences and situations. In the last three years I've , to quote Kylie Jenner, 
"Like, realised stuff"
And as hard as it can be sometimes to gauge where you should be in terms of your life, as long as you take the good with the bad and remember to take something away with you from each experience I think we will all get on just fine. But there have definitely been moments that have resulted in this list, so here is my typical blogger pre birthday post of 24 things I have learnt by 24

1. Want it? Ask for it. If you don’t, the answer will always be no and the door will always be closed. I used (still kinda am) to be so afraid of asking for what I want, but I want to remind you that you are important and so are your needs and wants. You are allowed to take up space. You are allowed to be here, so suck it up, breath and ask for that last rolo if that's what you're after. For me, it was following up on an event I really wanted to attend, if I hadn't asked I wouldn't have realised it's totally fine to ask. What's the worst that could happen? They'll say no, but they could say yes. So take the chance. 

2. Change can be a good thing. You will soon realise that you already have all the tools you need to move forward with whatever change or obstacle you might face. 

3. Take more risks. I want to be known as ballsy with my choices in my career and in my life. Life is not meant to be lived feeling constantly comfortable and secure. Get out of your comfort zone and use the feeling of fear to drive you into new and exciting chapters in your life.

4. Not everyone will care as much as you do, so sometimes, it's okay to not wear that big heart of yours on your sleeve. I can't think of a more important life lesson I've learnt the past few years than this. Not everyone holds the same value or sense of importance when it comes to friendships and relationships. I've learnt the hard way, when old friends didn't think certain things were important, or how I reacted to a situation was needed - when in my sense of the word friendship you'd do anything to ensure the other person is okay. Not everyone has the same beliefs, ideals, morals or concepts of certain words in life, and that's okay, all that means is that sometime reign it in if you care an awful lot, don't share your open heart to just anyone. Instead send that love and warmth to yourself, don't hand it out like a business card.

5. On that note, it's not your job to make everyone happy. They are plenty of people out there who genuinely revel in their misery, although they'll never admit this, nothing that you say or do will change this, and never believe you can change them. If all they needed was a pep talk and knowing someone cared enough to motivate them, after your first attempt at doing just this they would've changed their ways. I'm telling you now, cut your losses and go.

6. Don't just exist, live. We're all guilty of hating getting older, but each year is a triumph, each birthday is another reason to celebrate. I've never understand why some people don't celebrate their birthdays. I'm not the biggest fan of being the centre of attention at events, hence why the 21st kisses thing did not happen at my own, but to not look forward and be happy about another successful year of living is bonkers to me. Just celebrate, do something to toast the day your mother pushed you out into this glorious world. Even if it is el-Bridget-Jones style just you and glass of vino and a tub of Hagen Daas. It is still something. 

7. Walk with your head a little higher, your back a little straighter. Exude confidence, and your mind will follow. Something I forgot for far too long to do, it's a funny thing standing up straight, you soon recognise your mind's perception of yourself heightens when you stand up straight, similar to the psychology behind the Superman Stance, pushing my shoulders back, holding my head high can make me feel good even on a bad day. 

8. You don’t need a lot of friends, only ones that truly love, support & understand you. Life is complicated and constantly changing, and you need a solid circle of friends to ride it out with. Choose to spend your time with people who lift you up, just because you share history with them doesn't mean those relationship are any stronger than new friendships. So, don’t just choose the good ones, choose the best ones.

9. Your body is nearest thing to your temple on earth. Take care of it. I'm not one to measure my calories or stick to a specific diet, I exercise to eat, and eating is possibly one of my favourite pastimes. Eat, exercise and take care of your body like you love it, and it will love you back in return.
10. Be careful of what you say to yourself, because you're listening. I've called and told myself al sorts of things in the last two years, I even convinced myself on my worst days that no one could ever love me because of my skin. We need to stop putting ourselves down, become your own biggest supporter, the type of supporter who wears their team colours with pride, brings a foam finger to every single game and shouts the loudest.

11. Be grateful. List all the things you feel grateful, big and small. Just be grateful. Keep these things in mind and appreciate each moment.

12. Your parents wisdom is endless. This only becomes apparent after 21, and I say this age because in your twenties friendships and your life in general changes. They hate to say "I told you so", but most of the time they indeed were right. About what you ask? They're right about everything. Listen to them, learn from them.

13. Your voice matters. Your opinion is valid. Stand up for what you believe in and don’t let anyone make you feel inferior.

14. Be kind — always. When you’re tired and stressed and just trying to get through doing your errands when someone approaches you doing something that annoys you to no end — fight the urge to be rude, to make a sarcastic comment, to do anything that proves, in your own little mind, that you are somehow superior to everyone else around you.
That’s a strong urge to fight, but you have to. Kindness begets kindness. Kindness opens doors. Kindness makes you a better person. 

15. You are the most important person in your life, do not give that power away.

16. Every difficult and positive situation you have been through is an opportunity to learn and grow, accept where you are, and believe what is for you won't pass you by. 

17. Everything is possible until proven otherwise. If you believe in yourself you can achieve it, your mind is more powerful than you think, and sometimes the only thing standing in your way is yourself. 

18. Always do what makes you come alive. Whatever your past year has brought, whatever your next year will bring, never fail to honour your heart and do what makes you feel happy and alive.

19. Your worst day only last 24 hours. Take tomorrow with a fresh mind and recovered heart, leave whatever happened yesterday behind. Consider it like lost post, posted yesterday, but got lost on it's way to never burden a new day with yesterdays happenings. ( Am I trying too hard to be profound? ) Just try not to dwell on negative feelings, a mind of negative thoughts can weigh you down for days. Trust me. 

20. Don't eat the yellow snow. This is regards beauty and skin products (a huge part of my life the last few years) Just because someone else says it looks and smells good to them does not mean it should or ever will look or smell good to you. Everyone is different, and when it comes to beauty products just because it has hype around it and everyone is praising means it will be good for you. Define your own beauty standards and find what works for you, even that means 12 products or 2, figure out what beauty means to you without succumbing to the pressures of the 'online society' to conform you body and appearance. 

21. Continue to chase your dreams. The best way to ensure that your dreams will come true is to turn them into goals and don't be afraid to put yourself out there. I never thought I'd be in the position I am in right now two years ago regards my career, and all it took was one email in my final year of college to get a single internship that kickstarted it all. Even with a side hustle you can still achieve what you set out to. Nothing will happen though if you don't take the first step, does it feel too risky? Go back and read #3 right now. 

22.   To think " I deserve better" does not make you a nacisstic ego monster. It means you know your worth. Never settle. This affects all areas of your life. However, I have had just one too many friends of late tell me of incidents where their friends from home have told them that their standards are too high (regards men) , well instantly I saw red. No one should ever tell you what you deserve in a partner, if you want to date a Greek adonis-like man who can build treehouses with his bare hands and will cook for you every night , you find that man ( If he has a brother can you give him my number please)

23. Embrace your weirdness, it is what makes us all unique. 

24. Say "I love you" all the time. To yourself, to the people you love, people need to hear it. 

Is there anything you would add to this list, doesn't anything here resound with you? let me know in the comments below or on my Instagram @denim_and_silk

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